Pet Emergency: What to Do if a Dog Is Run Over by a Car

Traffic can hurt or kill any kind of animal. Even if you are the most cautious owner in the world, there is still a chance something will go wrong. If your dog gets struck by a car, you need to stay calm so that your dog doesn’t get more stressed and, in the worst case, so that your dog has the best chance of surviving.

Stay Calm

Even though you should be upset if your dog gets hit by a car, don’t freak out. Keeping your cool will make things easier for you and help your dog calm down. Dogs are very sensitive to how people feel and can easily get more info on how their owners feel or what they should do. You can keep your dog from getting worried if you don’t lose your cool.

Call Your Local Emergency Veterinarian

If it’s after hours or you’re out of town, call your regular vet or an animal emergency center that’s open 24/7. Most emergency veterinary clinics will let you come in without an appointment, but it is always best to call ahead and tell them what happened and that you are on your way. Veterinarians who answer the phone may be able to tell you how to treat your dog’s injuries and get him ready to be moved and if you dont know of an emergency vet in your area, simply look up “pet surgery near me

If You’re Driving and It’s Not Your Dog

Call the police or animal rescue, tell them what’s going on, ask what they plan to do, and do what they say. Most of the time, you will be told to stay at the accident scene until help arrives. Also, check the dog for identification if the owner is not there and it is safe to do so. Dog tags can have the number of the dog’s regular vet who has info of its veterinary laboratory history and the name and phone number of the dog’s owner.

Handling a Terrified or Injured Dog

If your dog was hit by a car recently, they are probably scared and hurt. Animals that are hurt or scared often attack people who try to help them. If you can, it’s smart to put a muzzle on your dog if it’s not sick. Many people think of a muzzle as a form of punishment, but it won’t hurt your dog and maybe the only way to give them the help they need without putting them or others in danger.

Maintain the Dog’s Safety and Comfort

If the injured dog is on the road and it is safe to move the dog, do so. One method to do this is to use a blanket or board as a stretcher. Keep your dog warm if it is hurt by wrapping it in a blanket and leaving its mouth and nose open so it can breathe. If your dog has trouble breathing and you can do so safely, take the collar off or loosen it a lot.

Communicate With The Driver 

The car’s driver will be shocked by what happened. Keep your cool and ask for their name and contact information. It’s important to remember that in most places, the dog’s owner is at fault if the dog gets hit by a car because the owner didn’t keep the dog off the road.



Whether your dog jumps out the door, runs away while you’re taking a walk, or gets out of your yard, being hit by a car is very bad for it. If your dog gets struck by a car, knowing what to do can help ensure it gets the best care possible and help you stay calm.