Our Service

 The Shelter Bus will be operated overnight on a 12-hour shift with a volunteer driver and caretakers (hospitality crew of 2 individuals). These volunteers will engage with those in need of the Shelter Bus service and distribute a Care Package (ex. warm socks, soap, toothbrush and other necessities). The objective is to use this opportunity to become more involved with the homeless community, learn their individual challenges and how we can best help to improve their quality of life. 

The Shelter Bus would coordinate with other local homeless shelters in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to help alleviate their excess demand and overcrowding. 

 A certified operator will drive the coach to a site (approved parking lot, or shelter) with no passengers. He will turn off the coach. The coach will than be plugged into a wall socket to power the HVAC, or run off a small generator. A security guard and 2 volunteers will than screen homeless people who want to get on the coach to get warm or rest. Packaged dinner will be provided to individuals. In the morning, the security and volunteers will help people off the bus. The certified operator will than drive the coach back to a secure facility for cleaning and maintenance. 

The vehicle will operate around the GTA during the pilot stage. 

Donate Today

A small donation of $35 can provide a safe sleep for one individual, a homeless kit and a meal.