homeless supplies

Homeless Kit


We believe in bringing airline-quality hospitality to our shelter bus. Each overnight guest will be provided with an essential kit made up of the following items:

· Socks

· Scarf

· Gloves

· Beanie/toque

· Toothbrush

· Toothpaste

· Soap

· Deodorant 

· Tissues

· Lip balm

· String HF Bag 

Moreover, we are looking for corporations who would like to donate in kind items to assist homeless people across the Greater Toronto Area. If you would like to donate hygiene items, personal care supplies, socks, underwear or Homeless Care Kits, please contact our supply partner The Bargains Group , where your money will go further they’ll include extra donations as well!

Donate Today

A donation of $5 dollars provides a homeless kit for an individual for one night with the essentials.