shelter bed

Facts about Homelessness

Greater Toronto Area


Every night over 35,000 Canadians are without a place to call home. At least 235,000 Canadians will experience homelessness at some point over the year – and this figure is expected to grow. Right here in Toronto at least one homeless person dies every week. Furthermore, 27% of these homeless are women with another 19% being youth. 

Our homeless shelters are often at capacity, especially in the winter months, and homeless individuals are extremely susceptible to severe cold weather patterns.

A growing population of homelessness is the 55+ demographic, at shelters across Greater Toronto Area. 28-34% of shelter population in Canada is made up of indigenous groups. The average monthly cost of a shelter bed is $1,932, which works out $64.36 a night.  Moreover, a hospital bed cost $10,900, which due to poor health is becoming a growing place for homeless to turn to, which $363.33 a night. 

The Humanity First Shelter bus will cost under $25 a day per bed to operate, which includes a homeless kit and a meal. 

Homelessness costs the Canadian economy annually $7.05 billion dollars, coast to coast. 

Donate Today

A small donation of $25 can provide a safe sleep for one individual, a homeless kit and a meal.